Native American music diverse and complex

Native American music diverse and complexProject descriptionAnswer 5 questions.(180 words)1. How is Native American music diverse and complex?2. Why is it misleading to consider the vocables in a Yeibicai song meaningless?3. What is the name of the ceremony that contains the Yeibichai songs?What is the purpose of the ceremony?What are some of its features?4. Compare Fenders? recording of ?Folsom Prison Blues? with that of Johnny Cash.What are the similarities and differences?How have the Fenders made the song their own?5. How is the song ?Shizanee? meant to be humorous?Why is the understatement of the lyrics more effective than a fuller text would be?Disscussion(70 words)If you were an American settler, and heard Indians performing music, what would you think about these people? Would you think they were nice, mean, savages, welcoming, or warlike. Please explain.!

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