Natures Beauty The radiant, lusty, mystical su

Natures Beauty The radiant, lusty, mystical sun shines brightly over the grand majestic mountains of Yosemite as it slowly liquefies the harsh winters snow. Its gorgeous rays bounce off the royal mountaintops like a reflection in a mirror, which shades the sweltered animals that rest beneath the baronial Umbrella trees. The white powdery snow laggardly melts as it cascades down into a small river adjacent to beautiful bristle cone pines and calmly flows towards a thunderous waterfall. The violent intensity of the fierce waterfall awes the exiguous colorful canaries that once rested peacefully on the branch of an admirable pine tree. The lofty and wonderfully scented pine trees, just below the mountains, nearly barricade their entire way around the first half of the enormous snow shielded mountains opposite to the umbrella trees. These husky comely pine trees with adequately odd barks feel nice and soft when rubbed against, yet remarkably jagged and rough, like a pair of hands that sink softly into a rich blanket of snow and then suddenly smash onto the solid craggy surface of old, archaic, rugged asphalt. The superb stocky green grass grown beneath the countless families of trees is saturated with the sweet morning dew, which looks and feels like a towering emerald-green giants sweat-drenched icky body….

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