NCATE definition of diversity

Key Assessment: Elements 4.1, 3.3, 4.2, 4.3, 1.3Candidate will need to be familiar with the NCATE definition of diversity (to be provided on Bb). Referring to this definition, the candidate will select a group of students or one student who is struggling in reading due to some aspect of diversity. The candidate will then conduct a needs assessment for this group/child in collaboration with the classroom teacher/s, parents/families/care-givers (if appropriate), principal etc. Specifically the candidate will be looking for the following: What is the current concern? How are the students (or student) handling reading tasks? What is the verifying evidence from various sources? What are the strengths of the students/student? The next step will be to plan an intervention aimed at assisting these students/student in improving their difficulty. The plan should include five (5) appropriate children?s picture books and/or novels to support the plan. The plan should also incorporate a plan as to how to communicate with school personnel, parents/families/care-givers, community agencies, etc. to support this group of students/student.( shoes elementary level please )Comments from Support Team:

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