Nervous SystemPotential diagno

Nervous SystemPotential diagnosisPathophysiologyUnderlying DiagnosisParamedic clinical practice interventionsCritique of interventions from literaturePotential Cardiac arrest from lethal arrhythmia due to low potassium K+The heart relies on its internal pacemaker (SA node) and superconductive pathway to generate and disseminate cardiac action potentials. These action potentials cause the contraction of cardiac muscle tissues and the effective propulsion of blood throughout the body. Abnormal conduction of the action potential may cause ineffectual cardiac muscle function and thus catastrophic heat failure. The sodium potassium exchange across the cardiac cell membrane required to get an action potential and contraction of the cardiac muscle.(Reference)Cardiac monitoring?Attach defibrillation monitor & encourage early defibrillation should defibable arrhythmia occur?Continuous Monitoring of patients cardiac rhythm,?1/24 vital signs eg BP. P RR SaO2 checks?Regular checks and management of electrolyte balances?12 lead ECG?CPR & Medication management of arrhythmia?(Referenced)Critique each of the clinical practice intervention, defending is validity or not from the current literature linking this to the underlying pathophysiology of the potential diagnosis identified. (Referenced)ParamedicIntroduction[all in prose, sort of like an essay introduction]Introduce the patient?. [it is okay if this part isn?t much different from others? introduction of the patient, consider ISBAR format]The issues that will be Discuss (check for the help you need)ed are???.They have been chosen because??.Differential diagnosis [2-3 problems][XXXXXXXXXXX] [make sure that you include the pathophysiology behind the diagnosis]XXXXXX (Reference).Paramedic Intervention and Rationale[What interventions (CPGs) are you doing and why are you doing them]The interventions that will address the issue of potential arrhythmias are as follows.?????????????????????????????????????????Working example of transferring bullet points into sentences1.Attach defibrillation monitor & encourage early defibrillation should defibable arrhythmia occur2.Continuous Monitoring of patients cardiac rhythm,3.1/24 vital signs eg BP. P RR SaO2 checks4.Regular checks and management of electrolyte balances5.12 lead ECG6.CPR & Medication management of arrhythmia(Referenced)?????????????????????????????????????????[Intervention 1 in prose format, you will need to be more comprehensive in your assignment]Attachment and monitoring of the defibrillator and monitoring of the cardiac patient during transport allows for the early defibrillation and reverting of cardiac arrhythmias. Early defibrillation has been shown to have increased success at reverting lethal arrhythmias and preventing death in a cardiac arrest (Ref1, Ref 2, Ref 3,.??)???Conclusion (sort of like an essay conclusion)We?ve Discuss (check for the help you need)ed ?.We?ve identified potential diagnoses such as?.These potential diagnoses should be addressed by the paramedic interventions as described above (or briefly summarized, such as frequent movement in the bed).[This is purely optional: acknowledge that it is not comprehensive if you like, BRIEFLY mentioning some examples of what you might have looked at.]Category: Editing

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