Neuro Science: The Effects on the Brain from Work-Related Stress

Neuro Science: The Effects on the Brain from Work-Related StressBy this stage, you have been asked to explore an interesting topic that can be narrowed to a manageable focus, and then investigate, probe, and then argue an interesting point about that topic; you should feel that you have mastered and gained some tangible expertise (ask if in doubt).This piece is the first part of your final research paper, and this assignment is designed to help me guide you to understanding if you are on the right track with the formatting and the content. With this said, this paper should have a solid introductory section and informative ?Methods? section.The Assignment ? ParametersSteps: Preparation and writingTopic: Present-day Research on Your TopicSteps: Preparation and Writing1. Articulate your selected topic.2. Prepare to write an essay that addresses (but not slavishly) specific questions listed below:What specific topic do you intend to explore in this paper?Why are you professionally interested in this topic?What is your point of view regarding the issues of this topic?What do you know about this topic (previous work/life experience and knowledge base)?What do you want to learn about your topic?What do you think you can share/teach your peers in the course?

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