NeuropsychologyQuestion 1 of 1

NeuropsychologyQuestion 1 of 100.1 PointsWhich of the following receptors is used for nociception?A.muscle nerve endingsD.Meissner?s corpuscles Reset SelectionQuestion 2 of 100.1 PointsDamage to the temporal lobe is NOT associated withA.long-term memory problemsB.auditory problemsC.visual problemsD.all the above can result from damage to the temporal lobe Reset SelectionQuestion 3 of 100.1 PointsPatients with damage of the left temporal lobe have problemsI. Telling speech sounds apartII. Judging in what order speech sounds occurA.Only I is correctB.Only II is correctC.Both I and II are correctD.Neither I nor II is correct Reset SelectionQuestion 4 of 100.1 PointsWhich part of the thalamus do the tracts carrying somatosensory information go to?A.ventral posterior nuclei (VPL and VPM)B.lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN)C.pulvinarD.medial geniculate nucleus (MGN) Reset SelectionQuestion 5 of 100.1 PointsWhich of the following probably does NOT make use of the posterior parietal lobe?A.Localizing the door handle in front of youB.Figuring out whether to turn left or right from a mapC.Identifying the object in front of you as a decanterD.Guiding your reach for a door handle Reset SelectionQuestion 6 of 100.1 PointsThe following is/are true of auditory hallucinationsA.Auditory hallucinations are a common symptom in schizophreniaB.When experiencing auditory hallucinations one perceives sounds that are not actually presentC.When experiencing auditory hallucinations the patient can sometimes hear whole sentencesD.All of the above Reset SelectionQuestion 7 of 100.1 PointsAstereognosis is anA.inability to recognize locationsB.inability to figure out the location of louder sound if sounds are presented in stereo (dichotically)C.inability to recognize the shape of objects by touchD.inability to recognize faces Reset SelectionQuestion 8 of 100.1 PointsFinger agnosia is a form ofA.autopagnosiaB.prosopagnosiaC.astereognosiaD.anosognosia Reset SelectionQuestion 9 of 100.1 PointsThe dorsal column medial lemniscal pathway decussates in the ______.A.medullaB.thalamusC.spinal cordD.this pathway does not decussate Reset SelectionQuestion 10 of 100.1 PointsWhich of the following is true about the representation of the body on the primary somatosensory cortex?A.there are probably at least four representationsB.there is only one representationC.there are at most two representationsD.the representation on the somatosensory cortex is strictly top of the head to tip of the toes Reset Selection!

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