New Product Evaluation and Launch Plan (Report)

New Product Evaluation and Launch Plan (Report)This assessment task is in two parts: a final report and an associated presentation. Groups will select a firm (from a list and/or case study provided) and then identify a potential new product for development.discuss the rationale for the product concept?s designevaluate (on a structured basis) the proposed product?s viability and suitability identify an appropriate launch planyou are an independent person working in a marketing team and you are going to present the report for the management team It is expected that research and supporting data will play an important role in the evaluation aspect of the report.Question 1: if the new chocolate tastes really similar with the normal sugar chocolate, do you willing to pay $1/ 100g more than the normalchocolate? Because ingredients expensive than the normal one.Question 2: does celebrity effect work in chocolate industry? And who is the celebrity you feel would be appropriate to endorse for the product.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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