Newark Field Project (1) The vast array of fl

Newark Field Project (1) The vast array of flashy shops and trendy restaurants, preceding the Newark Shopping Center, make up the second definite commercial landscape of East Main Street. The second landscape which includes a jamboree of barbershops, pizza kitchens, and flower boutiques begins close to the bike shop, which neighbors the outdated railroad tracks, and ends near the Main Street Galleria. This shopping area provides ease and sufficiency to the town of Newark by catering to every individuals needs. The third commercial landscape that Main Street is home to, can be recognized towards the end of the street. Before the two lane road splits, a number of buildings can be seen that serve a different function. By remodeling and building, the University of Delaware has transformed this area into a functional part of the campus where students can meet with one another, hold activities, and get advisement on their route to their degree. The College of Arts and Science, the Trabant, and various other campus buildings can all be found in this area. (2) Two medium sized brick houses lay side by side just east of the Vision Center of Newark. Although both look fairly weathered and aged, the one to the far left has been recently face lifted. Bright green window shutters and new doors were added to freshen up the look of this business office. The house in its entirety is still prominent, but its purpose today is different than that of many years ago. Besides a few home improvements, the house closer to the vision center has been left untouched. It, unlike the house on the right, does not seem to function as a business. The structure of both houses suggests that they were well suited for the colder parts of the year. A chimney to keep warm, a basement for lost of storage, and an attic accompany the two main floors. (3) While walking down Main Street not many great architectural buildings catch the eye, but one that d…

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