Nick Vujicic speech

Nick Vujicic speechThe draft analyzes the speech of Nick Vujicic. Though good details are provided in the draft, the ideas need to be organized and the essay needs to be structured. Moreover, the grammatical errors need to be fixed and the citations need to be provided.Find more on these in the review below and revise the draft accordingly.Thesis statement/ Main ideaWhat is the purpose of sharing this draft? State it clearly through a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph.The thesis statement should include the subject of the topic and the key reasons that will be explained in the body paragraphs. All these details should be stated as a single detailed declarative sentence.Make sure the thesis states the purpose of the essay clearly to the readers as well as tells the readers what the remainder of the essay will be about.Content developmentThe content shares some good details. However, organize the ideas and structure the essay using the following suggestions:IntroductionStart with a statement about the topic that grabs the attention of the reader. Give some information about the subject that is going to be shared. Let the details lead to the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be presented with the three key reasons.Body paragraphConsidering each reason presented in the thesis as the main idea of each supporting paragraph, develop the content and organize the ideas.Pick one reason, explain it clearly, and support it with relevant details. Provide facts or quotes to support your explanation.Make sure the content and the thesis match. If three key reasons are provided, then there should be only three supporting paragraphs. Do not club the ideas of two key reasons in one supporting paragraph and do not create two paragraphs for one key reason. Stick to the main idea of each paragraph. Above all, balance all the paragraphs equally with the same length.ConclusionThe conclusion must be the summation of the whole essay. Develop a separate paragraph for it. Do not include any new details in it. Moreover, the concluding paragraph needs to follow the appropriate format.Restate the thesis at the first line of the concluding paragraph. Then summarize the main points discussed in the supporting paragraphs. Finally, end with a note to the readers or your viewpoint about the subject.!

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