Non-Verbal Communication in Criminal Justice

In the field of criminal justice it is crucial for employees to understand the importance of oral and written No matter what an position happens to they will have to orally communicate with internal staff such as judicial as well as external members like as well as the general in computerized world chances are these same positions will be expected to communicate daily in Whether it is factually writing an incident report or verbally explaining to a juror what their responsibility is during a these professionals must clearly express important Oral and written communication obviously have their place in this but communication does not end why this paper will elaborate on the subject of the importance of nonverbal communication and point out how this information will help criminal justice professionals to It will break down the subject into categories and elaborate on the different environments this material will support various encounters in the judicial According to the pioneer in the study of nonverbal Ray he has approximated that only thirty percent of the communication is actually In this Criminal Justice Communication we were informed that it is believed the communication cues we rely on are as percent are facial percent

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