Nonverbal Communication in an Emergency Room

For this project I had to decide upon and visit an environment that I would not normally be This environment had to be different from my normal and more comfortable in which I thought the nonverbal communication patterns would differ from my I made my observations over two The environment I chose to observe was an emergency room waiting I chose this because I figured the people that I would be observing would not necessarily be very different from but I figured that they would be in a different emotional state then I I was just an observer in the emergency room while everyone else was there because of some sort of serious medical During my observations I tried to identify any affect eye gaze and illustrators and interpret why they might be occurring and what they I also studied and interpreted the impact of the environment itself and what effect it might have had on the people in I took a seat toward the back of the room to get the largest possible view of the waiting The overall feeling was fairly comfortable and it was not The first thing I noticed was that the lighting in the waiting

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