Normal Distrubution

Project descriptionLet?s practice with another case related to the Normal distribution.Consider the following situation.All applicants for a job in X-Company should take a test.To be invited for an interview your score on the testshould be on the top P percent of all applicants.Results of the test have Normal Distribution withthe mean M and Standard Deviation SD.Take values M, SD and P assigned for you in the table below and find,what should be your score on the test (higher than what value ?)to be invited for the interview.Here is your DB-9 assignment:Take values M, SD and P assigned for you in the table below and1. From Appendix Table for Normal Distribution find z-valuethat has area to the left close to 1-P (P should be in decimal form).2. In formula z=(x-M)/SD to plug your z,M and SD and solve for x.That will be score on the test required to be invited for the interviewM SD P240 60 10%

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