Northup, Twelve Years a Slave

Northup, Twelve Years a SlaveForum Description Instructions: Carefully read all of the following. Then, select one (either Option A, Option B, or Option C) to write about in your post. Be sure to make a concrete, specific,textually grounded, and debatable assertion about how we ought to interpret the passage you discuss. Be careful not to completely isolate the passage you discuss from its narrative context ? your close reading must make sense in the context of the narrative as a whole. Also, do not simply describe or summarize; rather, analyze and interpret. Do not just say that this passage functions in the way you say it does; rather, show us how it does so using precise language, concrete textual support, and reasoned argumentation. Title your post Option A, Option B, or Option C. The minimum length requirement for this post is 375 words. It is worth 50 points.Option A: Solomon Northup?s Twelve Years a Slave (1853) is rather unique among slave narratives. Most slave narratives were written by ex-slaves who were born into slavery and eventually escaped to freedom (Frederick Douglass being the most famous example). In an important sense, Twelve Years a Slave reverses this norm ? it traces Solomon?s movement from freedom into slavery (and back out again). What insight does Solomon?s uncommon perspective ? as an educated free man, as opposed to an uneducated born slave ? provide about America?s peculiar institution of racial slavery? Closely analyze a passage of the text wherein this perspective provides such an insight.Option B: In a crucial passage in Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon Northup writes, It is not the fault of the slaveholder that he is cruel, so much as it is the fault of the system under which he lives. Think carefully about what, specifically, Northup means by this. Closely analyze a moment in the text wherein this principle can be said to be at work, and detail some of its implications.Option C: Closely analyze some key aspect of Bass?s argument with Epps. Be sure to consider it in light of the narrative that precedes it; in other words, it ought to be clear to your readers how this discourse on American slavery relates to the depiction of slavery Northup has provided.:

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