November 5, 1999 English 5 Mrs

November 5, 1999 English 5 Mrs. Hawkins In the book, How to Tell When Youre Tired, Reg Theriault discussed the various aspects of working and how they impact different kinds of people. In chapter six Theriault specifically focuses on the relationship between younger and older workers. _________Although he states that older workers accept work as their fate, younger workers have their heads stuck in dream clouds and education is viewed as the vaccination against them he implies something different; work is a fate and both the white and blue collar workers always see the grass greener on the other side of the fence. Theriault speaks of how older workers are able to accept that work is their fate but young workers somehow believe that they can break that cycle and start a business for themselves. He then spoke of how parents try to raise their children with the belief that education will set them free. In parents eyes they see education as a door that allows you to pass through to the middle class. He then tells of how education will allow you to also move up to white collar work. Although he states that common thought is that white collar work is better than blue collar, he also mention that when a longshoremen open up six-hundred job openings, out of the the fourteen thousand applicants a majority of them were teachers and white collared workers. Theriault also mentions that he, having an education still ended up with blue collar work. Overall he views work as a fate and with or without education the work is equal on both sides. My personal opinion is that in todays world an education is all the difference between getting to choose a job or getting stuck with a job. A long time ago education wasnt an important variable between liking your job or not or the type of job you get. Today and education is like a key that opens doors and without that key youre stuck at the first door…

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