Nuclear Security and UAE?s nuclear energy programme, from a technological perspective.

write a four to five-page reaction paper consisting reflection of your critical thoughts about the reading(s)mention examples of such nuclear disaster, technological factors, preparedness factors, mitigation factors, andothers.The organization of the topic papers must follow the Scientific Method.The paper must include the following sub-topics, as a minimum, and must Discuss (check for the help you need) them in enough details to persuadea reasonable audience:i. Statement of the problem or issue being presented and its relevance to technology and terrorism;ii. Student?s own proposed remedy for the problem or issue. This will be a short paragraph (a few sentences);detailed Discuss (check for the help you need)ion should be presented later in the paper;iii. Research of past and current views, and arguments regarding the topic- especially those contrary to thestudent?s, analysis of those views and arguments including the identification of gaps. This section must cite allreferences researched and used by the student;iv. Detailed presentation of the student?s argument, critical thinking, and intellectual reasoning in support ofhis/her proposed remedy;

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