Nurse/ Patient Staffing ratios

Nurse/ Patient Staffing ratiosIssue Analysis PaperNUR 300Within the format of a scholarly paper systematically explore a professional issue relevant to the nursing profession. The issue must be covered indepth with a significant analysis of the implication for the nursing profession. Research peer reviewed journals and identify an issue that isrelevant to nursing and is of interest to you. Write a 1200 ? 1500 word scholarly paper analyzing the issue and the implication for the nursingprofession. This paper must be in APA format.AbstractIntroduction: State the purpose of the paper and give an overview of the content.Review the scholarly literature in the area of the issue. With documentation from nursing journals and professional nursing literature the essentialcontent of the paper should:a. Identify the issueb. Describe the historical development and background of the issuec. Describe current trends related to the issue; headlines and feature articles within last 5 yearsd. Identify and describe the significance of issue to the nursing profession and professional nursing practice in today?s work environmente. Describe how this issue influences the nursing profession and professional nursing practicef. Discuss (check for the help you need) controversies related to the issue that are unique to nursingg. Discuss (check for the help you need) the most successful and/or potential strategies in preventing and dealing with the issueDescribe your position regarding the particular issueConclusion: Summarize the major points that of paperFormat

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