Nursing Palliative Care

Nursing Palliative CareProject descriptionWrite 6 pages Term Paper excluding the Title and Reference page on Contemporary Trends and Issues in Nursing about PALLIATICE CARE. Includes the following : *Title Page including Arabic numbers right upper corner each page 1,2,etc.*Running Head. * Body of the paper (results of pertinent studies must be included). The body of the paper must be organized with appropriate headings. * Conclusion. * Reference.*In Text citations and references list MUST be found in the paper. *Adhere to the paper length. * Use 12 pt Times New Roman. Font size must match entire assay.* 1 inch margin top/bottom/right/left of every page.* Double space including Reference.* Do not Justify.References:1) Author: Boog, Kathryn M etc. Palliative Care, a practical guide for the health professional finding meaning and purpose in life and death. Kathryn M Boog,Claire Y Tester, foreword by Harvey Max Chochinov Published: Edinburgh New York Churchill Livingstone Elsevier 2008 ISBN 0443103801-97804431038032)Tittle: Palliative and end of life care research Embracing new opportunities Author: Aziz, Noreen M, Miller, JeriL, Curtis J Rondall Source: Nursing Outlook, 2015 Nov,6(6):384-90Publication Type: Journal ISSN: 0029-6554 DOI http:/ Title Nurse-patient relationship in palliative care Authors: Mok E, Chiu PC Associate Professor ,School of Nursing, Hong Kong Polytechnic Publication Type: Journal Article-research, tables/charts ISSN 0309-2402 DOI: Database CINAHL Plus with full text.!

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