Nursing1. What risk factors do

Nursing1. What risk factors does Mr. M have that decreases his oxygen consumption and places him at risk for respiratory failure? Explain the rationale for each risk factor. (1. point)2. In your report from the recovery room nurse, you remember that Mr. M extubated himself too early and he is still drowsy at this time. In your post extubation follow up assessment, what will you pay particular attention to? (.75 points)Scenario Continued: You have been monitoring Mr. M for 8 hours now and he is starting to show signs of respiratory deterioration including extreme somnolence. You call the physician to report the following vital signs and he orders: ABGs and PFTs: The results are as follows:RR 38 shallow and laboredBP 160/94HR 112SpO2 82%Temp 97 oralPaO2 55 mm HgSaO2 90%pH 7.29PaCO2 55 mm HgHCO3 26 mEq/LRespiratory rate (f) 38 breaths/minVital capacity (VC) 12 mL/kgMaximum inspiratory pressure (MIP) -14 cm H2O3. Interpret the ABGs. (1 point)4. What is acute ventilatory failure (AVF), how is it diagnosed? What are the criteria for ventilatory support and what are Mr. M?s critical values that meet this criteria?(1.25 points)5. The physician tells you that he wants to use an endotracheal tube for intubation. You grab all the supplies, the physician successfully intubates Mr. M., and now you are performing your post intubation assessment. Explain what will be included in this assessment. (1 point)Mr. M. has been sedated on a propofol drip and the physician has ordered the settings below.Ventilator SettingsTidal Volume 500 mLFio2 0.40 or 40%PEEP 5 cmVentilation Mode: PRVC Setting OnlyRespiratory Rate 12 Breaths/min6. Please explain (thoroughly) Tidal Volume, Fio2, and PEEP. (1 point)TIDAL VOLUME:Fio2:PEEP7. Mr. M. is at high risk for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). Explain, in detail, what this is, how it happens, and what measures can be taken to prevent VAP? (.75 points)8. What interventions will you perform to prevent common complications of mechanical ventilation? (1.25 point)

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