NursingCase Study:Your case st

NursingCase Study:Your case study should be at least 2 pages long and always begin with the pathophysiology of the disorder selected1. A 30-year-old female patient presents with lower abdominal pain that began two days ago. The pain has increased and she is experiencing vaginalbleeding that is scanty. Her last normal menstrual period ended two weeks ago and was normal for her, lasting four days. She is a Gravida 2, Para -0,Miscarriage -2, and has been attempting to conceive with her husband. She denies dysuria or urinary frequency.Determine three differential diagnoses for this case. Your rationale for including these differentials should be based upon the patient?s age,history, and presenting symptoms. For each of the differentials, explain what you would typically find on physical examination.Provided 3 differential diagnoses for the patient with lower abdominal pain and based the rationale for diagnoses upon the patient?s age, history,and presenting symptoms. 15Explained possible findings on physical examination. 6

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