NursingProfessionalism & Leade

NursingProfessionalism & LeadershipHow have your perceptions as yourself as a professional nurse evolved over the life of the program?Support your affiliation with the profession, its values, legal and ethical responsibilities and commitment to personal improvement and lifelong learning. Give at least one clear example of each.What service activities have you participated while a nursing student? How have these enhanced your professional affiliation, leadership qualities or commitment to the profession?Describe barriers to professionalism and leadership as observed during your clinical or educational experiences. What factors may be contributing to these behaviors? What potential solutions to these challenges would you suggest?Using your readings from the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, talk about significant themes or experiences that relate to this end of course competency. How did these readings enhance your understanding of the competency? Identify at least three associated sub-concepts from the curriculum that are represented in your readings. Support consistency with the concept with clear specific examples.

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