Oberg, Black and Mendenhall, Ferraro, Hofstede

Oberg, Black and Mendenhall, Ferraro, HofstedeRequirements:You are required to prepare a report of 2,000 words in total, excluding references and appendices, on the following topic: A survey of the effects of culture shock on students when studying abroad, and their coping strategies. Using SurveyMonkeyDesign a short survey on the effects of culture shock on students when studying abroad and their coping strategies. Think carefully about what these might be when devising your survey, drawing on literature on the topic (e.g. Oberg, Black and Mendenhall, Ferraro, Hofstede). Is their learning behaviour altered in any way?Think carefully about the data you need and do not need, and address any ethical research issues, e.g. anonymisation of respondents. Is there a set instruction you can use? Are there any things you need to think about when devising a survey for people whose first language may not be English? Your sample is to be limited to fellow students where you are currently studying this year (i.e. in the UK or abroad) from as wide a range of different countries as possible. Collect 50 responses in total. You can include some open questions as well as closed ones in your survey. Analyse your results, then:Write up your key findings and critically discuss them in a report of 2,000 words, including any recommendations as appropriate. In your conclusion, include a short reflection about what you have learned from carrying out this small international research survey.Include key information in an appendix. Full individual surveys are not required.Make sure you write in formal academic style and remember that just describing your findings is not analysis!FormThe completed assessment will take the following form:Title Page: State the unit code, the title of the unit, the full title of your assessment, and your student identifier.1. Introduction: (200 words) ? briefly introduce the topic; include the parameters of the assessment, what you will include and why, what you will not include, and why not.2. Development: (1,500 words) ? develop your assessment, with the most important points first, least important last. Use headings and paragraphing to show new topics / ideas etc.3. Conclusion: (300 words) ? summarise the content of your assessment; do not introduce new points / ideas at this stage. References: ? (not included in your word count) this must include all references in your assessment which are to come from a range of sources. At this level 20 different sources are expected. Referencing throughout your assessment and in this section must use the Harvard system correctly. :

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