obstruction in the GI tract

obstruction in the GI tractPlease answer each of the following questions:1.What conditions are associated with infection with H. pylori? What other causes are there for the same or related conditions in the GI tract? What is the mechanismof ulcer formation due to NSAID use? (5 pts)2.What are the common causes of obstruction in the GI tract, both for upper GI and lower GI? What is the difference between simple obstruction and functionalobstruction? (4 pts)3.What are the risk factors for GERD? What symptoms does GERD have, and what are the consequences of chronic GERD? Are there any risks or consequences to the treatmentof GERD? ( 4 pts)4.What are the differences between the different classifications of diarrhea (osmotic, secretory, and motility), including manifestation and causes? What are thecommon causes of constipation? (3 pts)5.What is the most common cause of ascites? What are the major factors that contribute to the development of ascites? What other pathological conditions are oftenrelated to ascites, or seen in the same people? (4 pts)

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