Obtain the following journal articles

Obtain the following journal articlesdo not use usa refrences for the rest of5Cassar, G. & Holmes, 8. (2003) ?Capital structure andfinancing of SMEs: Australian evidence? Accounting and Finance, 43, pp. 123-147La Rocca, M., La Rocca, T. & Cariola, A. (2011)?Capital structure decisions during a firm?s life cycle? Small Business Economics, 37, pp. 107-130Qui, M. & La, B. (2010) ?Firmcharacteristics as determinants of capital structures in Australia?, International Journal ofthe Economics of Business, 17(3), pp.277-287For each ofthe research papers:-Identify and describe the capital structure theories tested-Describe the sample used totest the theoryltheories-Identify the major research findings for capital structure-Identify the contribution made to theunderstanding of capital structureCompare the results from each ofthe research papers. Draw a conclusion about capital structure researchfrom these three papers.Structure your essay around headings that describe the four dot points above plus the comparison and conclusionsection. Your headings will identify the main themes you will be covering in the assignment, not the three research papers you will bdiscussing. Do not have headings based on the three different research papers then have separate headings for each ofthe themes.example of an acceptable structure follows:1. Capital structure theoriesi. Cassar and Holmes (2003)ii. La Rocca, La Rocca and Cariola (2011)iii. Qui and La (2010)2. Sample datai. Cassar andHolmes (2003)ii. La Rocca, La Rocca and Cariola (2011)iii. Qui and La (2010)3. Findings forCapital structurei. Cassar and Holmes (2003)ii. La Rocca, La Rocca and Cariola (2011)iii. Qui and La (2010)4. Contribution to understandingi. Cassar and Holmes (2003)ii. LaRocca, La Rocca and Cariola (2011)iii. Qui and La (2010)5. Comparison of results5. Capital structure conclusionPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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