Occupational Licensing

Occupational Licensing Project description 1. You must post twice per article, once in response to the article and once in response to what some other student or the instructor has posted. 2. Your posts must be on the discussion board. Do not e-mail them to the instructor. 3. You must post your posts prior to the unit deadline. 4. Each post should be a minimum of three complete sentences long. 5. It must be obvious from what you post that you did read/watch the article/clip. 6. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. Don?t be sloppy. SO THIS IS SOMEONE POSTED The article and movie did a great job of demonstrating the poor logic behind many of our business permit policies. The quote about the hair dresser being arrested and removed from her own saloon by seven police officers shows the excessive nature of government permits. Cutting hair for money should not land a person in jail, or require seven police officers. While I do believe permits have there place, I think the are overused and restrictive to the economy. :

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