?Old Marketing is Dead; New Ma

?Old Marketing is Dead; New Marketing Wins ?This statement is based on Chapter 3 of Nigel Piercy?sbook ?Market-Led Strategic Change? ? the coursetext.Sainsbury?s is a company that has just reported a 5.3%increase in under-lying pre-tax profit to March 2014,(The Financial Times, May 2014). This is contrary tokey competitors such as Tesco and Morrisons? whoare both reporting falls in profitability and market share.You are required to produce a report by conducting amarketing audit of Sainsbury?s current position and thenoutline the key reasons for its success based largely onthe content that we covered in Chapter 4:?The concept and importance of value-based marketingYour answer should reflect the practical considerationsthat an organization faces in the real-world which is acentral tenet of Piercy?s approach. For this reason youmay want to introduce concepts from other parts of thecourse.To achieve the above requires looking at the marketingstrategy implemented over the last ten years by theoutgoing Chief Executive of Sainsbury?s Justin King.The company has successfully resolved a number ofkey marketing issues during this time and is, accordingto market analyst Bernstein offering ?quality food forthe masses?. Its positioning as thus is different to Tesco.Your report should contain incisive insight into thestatus of the current grocery retail market, the keydynamics driving it and where it is heading strategicallyand how Sainsbury?s has successfully adapted itsmarketing in relation to those changes. In addition, howthe issues put forward and Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ed during the coursehave impacted upon Sainsbury?s current position in theUK and how Justin King has arrived at a successfulmarketing/value proposition in today highly competitiveUK Grocery market.Your report should conclude with firm and clearstatements on what the key factors are that havecontributed towards Sainsbury?s UK marketingstrategy and how they have ? and are -creating valuefor customers.Remember: critical appraisal is essential. I am lookingfor demonstration of genuine marketing insight andunderstanding in relation to the real-life issues faced bya leading organisation and how marketing can createvalue going forward. Use of core marketing conceptsto facilitate explanation would greatly assist with this.

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