on Everyone goes through some kind of depres

on Everyone goes through some kind of depression on time or another in his or her life (Cohen 20). Depression can be brought on by different events in someone’s life. Traumatic or life-altering events, such as, death of a loved, can cause depression. Biological factors can also bring on depression in a person’s life, or depression may be caused by a clinical illness. If the problem is not resolved, a person may commit suicide or may withdraw from friends or family. Depression may make a person stop eating and that may lead to some serious physical problems like, weight loss or may cause a heart attack. Although there are many different treatments to the problem, it is hard to get someone with depression to get them to help themselves. Therefore, people need to address the problem we all face. Not helping someone with this problem can lead to some serious consequences. Traumatic or life altering periods in someone’s life such as death can also be a cause of depression. For example, death in the family may cause major depression. Major depression often causes despair and hopelessness (Cohen 20). In extreme cases, a person may want to commit suicide. It is hard for someone to deal with a loss in the family. Some people just cannot deal with the knowledge of never seeing a loved one again. Not only death may cause depression, even stressful experiences, such as, divorce, pregnancy, and even the loss of a job. These long periods of that stress may lead to depression. By taking away what is normal to a person, changing their normal routine throughout the day, may lead to unneeded stress. A person may not be able to deal with the problems they may be facing in their life and may just withdraw from others. Things like pregnancy can also cause periods of depression. About twenty percent of women experience an episode of depression, know as postpartum depression, during and after pregnancy (Cohen 20). Including mood swings, fatigue, nausea,…

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