Once I looked up the definition of my name. It s

Once I looked up the definition of my name. It said Who is like god, and it is also the fem. version of Michael. When I was born my name wasnt as simple as Michelle, it was Michelle-Leann, and later changed to Michelle because when I was younger I hated being called by such a long name. My Mother named me Michelle after her cousin who was adopted by her aunt Lynn and lived a very tuff life. I have never met her but Ive heard many stories about her. My middle name came from my Moms middle name Deann. As Ironic as it sounds my cousin Renee told me when I was about 4 years old that her first name was Michelle and she was also named after my Moms cousin. I didnt know if this was true so I asked my Aunt and she told me that Renees first name is Michelle also. In my family everyone has nick names such as my little sister Sarah is Sarah-Lee (even though her middle name is Lynn) and my older sister Melissa is Missy or Sissy. My nick name is Chelle-le (Shelley), because of the way my name was spelled if you took off the first 2 letters and the last 3 you got Chelle-le also cause my little sister could never say it right Chelle-le was jut easier. Another nick name I have comes from my boyfriend who calls me Michelley, and does he call me this I have no idea. I think its mostly to just annoy me, and it does. …

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