One of Three AYou have twenty-four hours to

One of Three AYou have twenty-four hours to decide which one of you three [email protected] boomed the loudspeaker. AIf this order is not obeyed, all three of you will die. You will stay in this metal chamber for the next day; food will be served three times. Remember, this is for the better of the [email protected] First of Three: David My name is David and I don=t know why and how I got here, whereever that is. The milieu was quite plain and bland, but it gave a solid feeling. There was just metal walls surrounding us in a circular shape, which went up high like a rounded off cone or the Sistine Chapel. The whole outlandish setting made me forget that such an extraordinary entailment has been granted to me. Now all that Paul, Matthew and I had to do was decide who would dies. AWellCany [email protected] I asked. AOh yeah, me, pick me. I want to die, Paul sarcastically added. I sensibly suggested, AIt=s going to be one, not all of us. AI think we should discover who is most fit to die, said Matthew. By that does he mean, who has the least going for him will be the one chosen? Okay, we will have to learn about each other,@ I responded. AIf I=m not chosen, anything is fine with me,@ Paul self-centeredly declared. The next 23 hours would seem like a lifetime if we did not choose who would die soon. As long as I was not the person who has to die. Of course I wouldnt, be the chosen person, I am married and a child is expected in September. I have friends at the garage where I work and nothing else to live for. Paul broke the silence, AWe have less than twenty hours left. What are we going to do? Sleep on [email protected] ASo, if you are so excited, why don=t you be thrown in front of these mysterious people, so that they may kill [email protected] asked Matthew. I seemed to act like a mediator for the situation. AStop it guys. Lets first get to know each other and then we can work off [email protected] For the next couple of hours we all tried …

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