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ONLINE EASSYOnline EssayInstruction: To complete online essay exam students must use Microsoft Office Word. Students have to re-type questions and answer it in order. Minimum standard for each question is a paragraph (avoid using improper English)1. What are the benefits of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets?2. How can Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets benefit your career?3. You have three teenage children to whom you have given cellular phones. You wish to record the monthly statements for each child?s phone usage in Excel because the children have been given an incentive to keep their yearly bill under $1000. Do you wish to create three Excel workbooks or one Excel workbook with three worksheets and why?4. Explain why it is important to use proper formatting, citing at least three benefits of a well-formatted workbook.5. Color allows you to effectively enhance a workbook, but could you ever use too much or ?bad? color? Explain how or when color might detract from a workbook. Give at least four tips for effective color use.!

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