Online Shopping Marketing Research Proposal

PROPOSAL Identify the critical factors that influence the online shopping pattern for consumers of Apparel products in Prepared Iftekharul Amin Lecturer Course Instructor Market Prepared Monamee Afroze Ishika MBA 46 Priyom Mozumdar MBA 46 Mohammad Zulqar Nayen MBA 46 Mir Zahidur Reza MBA 46 Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka April 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction1 Statement of 2 Objectives of the 3 3 Quality Control Literature Review7 What is Online What influence the Online shopping pattern for Apparel 10 Online Shopping in 11 Data Analysis Plan13 Hypothesis on demographic and psychographic characteristics13 Hypothesis on the relationship with sites14 Time Plan for Research Work15 Budget 16 Researcher Profile18 Reference and Bibliography22 INTRODUCTION Online purchasing is not entirely a new concept in the It has been persistent in the background ever since the Internet was commercially available to the Many companies have utilized the Internet as a channel for fashion retail marketing The significance for retailers to having a web site is that a web site is informational and transactional in nature The top categories of Online Sales according to ComScore Hardware and Software and Accessories Supplies Music and Movies Electronics and Garden and Beauty Goods and Games In a

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