oral and nonverbal communications in Dubai

Oral and Nonverbal Communication in the UAE Due to the high standard of living and growth in many people from all around the world come to the UAE striving for a better life and jobs that pay There are around million people in the with only of them being citizens and being analysis of the United Arab Emirates indicates that religion plays an important role in Islam is the official and majority religion and includes almost every aspect of daily routines and even conversations are all strongly influenced by The Islamic faith places great emphasis on behaviors such as respect and modesty which most Emiratis The country scores high on power distance and uncertainty That means that the society is highly with regulations and Basic Cultural Values Before doing business in a such as United Arab we need to understand basic cultural values of that There are some values that specifically prevail in Arab endurance and loyalty and courage and rivalry and The basic values hospitality and In the UAE social relations are hospitality or diyafa dates to times and emerged as a coping mechanism in the desert where individuals were utterly dependent on the assistance of others during travel

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