Oral HistoryPaper instructions

Oral HistoryPaper instructions:Oral History Paper: You will interview someone who was involved in an historic event or time period. For example, you may know someone who is a military veteran. You could interview that person, concentrating on what they saw, and what they did in the service. Or, you might interview an immigrant. In this case, you would ask questions focusing on their motivation to come to the US, their struggle to get here, or their appraisal of the reality of life in America. You might consider interviewing your grandparents or other family members. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of topics, merely a starting point for your thought process! If you have a question about whether I will consider your idea ?historic? for the purposes of this paper, just ask.Take what you learn in the interview, do some additional research if there are points you do not understand, and weave the information into a narrative that informs your audience. The paper will be 10 pages, double spaced with 1 inch margins and a readable 10 point font. A paper that does not meet these criteria will not be graded. You will be marked on grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity. The goal of writing is to communicate information clearly. If your paper is not clear, I will stop reading it and grade it as incomplete. This assignment is worth 200 points. (This assignment meets writing, critical thinking and computer literacy competencies) s

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