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Introduction There are many approaches to guarantee that a business can achieve success. Among such business are the printing press and one of the approaches is ordering process. Ordering is the process of arranging orders of customers. The way of handling the process should be swift and organized to attain satisfactory services. Printing press has spread and evolved almost in every country and around the world bringing its name in the business industry. However considering that printing press require funds there is a need that there is an effective and reliable ordering system. In most cases printingOrdering System press has the traditional ordering system or the manual. These are some which have employed the automated ordering system to ameliorate effectiveness and efficiency. At Southern Negros Printhaus employs the ordering services. However it is manual system. It is therefore desired by the researchers to develop computerized ordering system for the said printing press to help improve it service and management. System Description An ordering system designed for Southern Negros Printhaus that provides templates on different types of paperwork allowing customers to choose desired designs and forms with an efficient automated ordering process for better services. System Objective The proposed system aims to provide automated ordering system that functions on computerized recording of transactions. Also intends to provide sample templates for wide customer?s selection. System Purpose The proposed system aims to deliver enhanced service of the company organized management process and provide customer satisfactory service through the use of the automated ordering system. Scope of the Study This proposed system can provide sample templates of paperwork to print. It can edit paperwork for printing and can register and record customers? orders.”

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