Organization Structure of Yashoda Hospital

A REPORT ON THE ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF YASHODA HOSPITALS This report on the administration of Yashoda Secunderabad is based on primary data which was collected by visiting the various departments and specialties in the The report describes the functioning of the hospital and the various organizational levels It also talks about the different departments and how they This report can act as a window to the students of BITS regarding the working of the It can also be useful for students to learn how an organization The recommendations given at the end of the report can be used to improve certain facilities made available at the Table of Contents AcknowledgementI Abstract SheetII Introduction1 Yashoda as an Organization3 Specialties Available5 Procedure for Patient Admission7 Summary of Departments visited9 Medical Records Department10 Medical Laboratory13 Credit and Billing Department15 Rajiv Arogyashree Health Insurance Scheme17 Human Resources Department18 Conclusions20 Recommendations21 INTRODUCTION Hospitals are very important for health care and providing patient treatment by specialized staff and Hospital Management is an emerging field in the health care It is very necessary to study the functioning of corporate hospitals as they have direct impact on the The main purpose of writing a report titled Report on

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