Outcomes for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Affecting Outcomes for the Invisible Casualties of War The Children of Incarcerated Parents On December people were incarcerated in the United Of these were As of the most recent date for which statistics are it is estimated that there are approximately million children of incarcerated Of this approximately are children of incarcerated The problem with these estimates is that at they are an educated Most states lack uniform methods of recording the demographic information regarding an many inmates may choose not to identify their children for the fear of the possibility of adverse involvement from various child welfare A Black child in the United States is nine times more likely than a White child to have a parent in A Hispanic child is three times more likely than a White child to have a parent in More according to the forecasts for prison population published by the Pew Charitable prison populations are expected to continue to increase through On a increase in the growth of prison populations is The number of female prisoners is expected to grow by for the same this rate of growth among female prisoners will outpace the increase anticipated for male inmate the number of children

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