Outline Thesis: The lifestyle of a professiona

Outline Thesis: The lifestyle of a professional musician is more difficult than glamorous. I. Introduction II. The Hardships of being a professional pop musician. A. The physical and mental rigors of being on tour. 1. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was stressed to the max. 2. When the GooGoo Dolls performed on tour with Everclear, the amount of performing they did was ludicrous and very taxing. a. One night, John Reznick was forced to perform even though he had totally lost his voice the night before. B. The difficulties of dealing with record companies. 1. It is hard for groups to deal with the pressure of constantly having to produce new and fresh material. a. Van Halen had to go through several lead singers mainly because of the desires of the record company. b. The Mamas and Papas were a group back in the late 70s who were continually forced to write new albums and eventually it compromised the sound of the band. 2. The dangers of record deals. a. The Goo Goo Dolls almost lost every cent they made as musicians to their label Metal Blade Records. C. The exposure to the dark side of the professional musicians world. 1. The murder of Tupac Shakurs was due to his exposure to marijuana. 2. Jimmi Hendrixs had a clean beginning, but ultimately was killed in a drug overdose; his exposure to drugs was due to the amount of them to be found in the music industry. III. Conclusion Rocked Out Watching a rock band perform, hearing rumors about the ludicrously large salaries some performers make and buying into all the propaganda associated with pop musicians leads many to long for this same kind of fame and fortune. However it is unknown to most that the lifestyles led by professional pop musicians are deceptively pleasant and glorified. Being involved in such a career comes with more than its own share of stresses and burdens. Such burdens include the physica…

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