Outline 1. Introduction to open water waste dis

Outline 1. Introduction to open water waste disposal. 2. Introduction of oil into marine environments. 1. Effects upon environment. 2. Effects upon living organisms. 3. Introduction of plastics/pollutants into marine environments. 1. Effects upon living organisms. 4. Possible solutions to waste disposal into our water systems. 1. Military applications. 2. Research and developments. 5. Conclusion The oceans and the life they sustain have had enough. They can no longer endure the unwanted pollution of careless, inconsiderate people worldwide. The societies of this world need to wake up, and not only listen to, but understand that it is time to find better ways of dealing with wastes, rather than nonchalantly dumping it into our oceans. For decades people in societies worldwide have taken advantage of the Earth=s waters simply by dumping whatever they do not want into them. Apparently our time of easy disposal has run out, the oceans and the life within our showing distinct signs of poor health. The continuous dumping (or traditional dumping) of industrial wastes as well as sewage and garbage into the oceans is beginning to show definite signs of pollution caused stress. The National Research Council recently published information stating that human intervention has begun to take its toll on the marine environment. The ecological balance of oceans worldwide are at a dangerously unstable state, the effects of man-made pollutants introduced into the waters and seas are having severe consequences upon the marine life living there. There is much that needs to be accomplished before scientists can fully understand how bad our oceans and seas really are. Even more importantly, is the fact that environmental action must be taken now to reduce the oceans growing plight. Arguably the most contributing polluters to our oceans are the major industries of the world. Industrial ocean pollution has incorporated a wide varie…

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