Overrepresentation of Blacks in Special Ed.

Running OVERREPRESENTAION OF BLACKS IN SPECIAL Matt Wainright Troy State University Thompson Introduction The overidentification and overrepresentation of minority students in special educational classes has been a cause for concern This literature review will discuss the prevalence of overidentification of students in special education by presenting statistics and data showing that this race is overidentified and overrepresented as having learning and behavioral The review will also examine several theories on the probable causes of overidentification of It will focus in particular on three The Disproportionate Representation of African Americans in Special Looking Behind the Curtain for Understanding and Solutions by James of An Operational Model for Special Education by Festus Obiakor and Disproportionate Representation of African Americans in Special Acknowledging the role of White Privilege and Racism by Wanda The following research has shown that the problem is so complex as it involves a change in the educational system of the law enforcement on the part of the a change in perspective of educators and knowledge more awareness of on the rights of their children to appropriate education all the way to racial and White supremacy The review will conclude with the possible solutions to the overidentification as suggested by

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