Palliative Carebased on a case

Palliative Carebased on a case study which I have attached. Need to demonstrate a critical understanding of external influences which have a direct effect on end of life care, and the strategies employed by the practitioner to facilitate the delivery of quality palliative care services.Evaluate a variety of physical, psychosocial and social factors which impact on the patients experience in relation to palliative care.My case study as follows:This case study involves a 71 year old patient who was diagnosed with an Advanced Squamous Carcinoma of left Maxilla with Cervical Lymph node Metastases. Following two courses of palliative radiotherapy to the primary tumour in the maxilla and cheek, there had been little or no obvious benefit. The ulcer was now large, necrotic and extending through to the mouth. Her general condition was deteriorating rapidly and in joint discussion with her son, it was agreed that she be cared for in hospital.!

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