Paper instructions: Project

Paper instructions: Project/Paper 1: Choose a topic of interest within the context of ?intercultural communication? and conduct research toward a paper and presentation at the end ofthe quarter. Requirements: 8-10 pages typed, double-spaced, 12 point font Chicago Style formatting bibliography with at least 8 sources (4 from academic journals) Completion of 3 project assignments during the quarter (proposal, sources, outline) 5 minutes presentation (in class): must be in powerpoint or prezi Paper Topic Examples (these are just suggestions): look at a particular aspect of social media and how it effects culture/communication examine stereotypes in a particular sector of society do a research project on the experience of international students at SCCC and elsewhere in the U.S. compare certain European films to their American remakes look for Hollywood trends surrounding specific events (9/11, WWII, etc) Look at media/communication in a country that has severe limitations on access to media (N. Korea, China, etc). use of social media in recent political uprisings choose an artist or genre and examine visual art as a form of communication look at body modification as a form of communication (tattoos, piercing, body building, etc) research gang culture in the U.S. body language and culture Alternative formats: If you wish to produce your project in an alternative format, please come talk to me. I am open to film/video, art, and spoken word; however,your work must be substantial and you will still complete the research and produce an annotated bibliography.

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