Paper instructions:Compare and

Paper instructions:Compare and contrast ?solutions? to any aspect of a tension or conflict between ?Islam? and ?the West? in TWO works we?ve read in the second half of the semester, supplementing your analysis with examples.Choose from Said (1978); Said (1981); Gerges (2010); Ramadan (2009); Shepherd (2006); Hunt (2002); Abu-Lughod (2013); MacMaster (2003).Please note that in your TWO selections, you may only choose ONE of the works by Said. Also note that even if the authors may not directly recommend specific ?solutions,? but you may use their works to recommend solutions yourself.Please use size 11 or 12 font, double-spaced. Also use APA citation style, with in-text citations and a list of references at the end of the paper. You need cite news articles for examples to strengthen your argument, but DO NOT use other scholarly sources outside the course readings indicated above.Begin with a clear introduction that includes a thesis statement, and wrap up your argument with a clear conclusion.Please note that this is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. Do NOT discuss the paper with your classmates.!

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