Paraeducator Role in the Inclusive Classroom

Running THE ROLE OF PARAEDUCATORS INCLUSIVE CLASSROOMS The Role of the Paraprofessional in the Inclusive Polly Fernhout California State University Northridge Introduction The Individuals with disabilities education act states that students with special needs should be provided the necessary supports and services needed to access the general education One form of this support is the use of paras Schrader para may be considered to be an essential component of free appropriate education which every student with disabilities is entitled to receive Over the past the use of paraeducators has increased as the number of students with severe disabilities who have been included in general education classes has Many teachers see the paraeducator as essential support required for the student to experience successful inclusion Giangreco Paraeducators are referred to in many additional adult assistant individual Regardless of these individuals have become an important part of our schools Edelman helping the classroom teachers and providing more individual assistance to For the purpose of this the term para will be Students with disabilities who are included in general education classes continue to receive special education instruction from a special education now the special education teacher no longer spends time with the student every

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