paraphrase3.2Regional Geologyt

paraphrase3.2Regional Geologythe soil association map of the Adelaide Region indicates that the site is likely to be underlain by red brown earth profile(RB5/RB3), which indicate red brown clay soils with granular structure and some calcareous inclusion.the red-brown earth are typically moderately to highly reactive with the potential undergo large volume changes in soil moisture content.previous investigation conducted by others indicated the presence of non-engineered fill on the site to depth of 3 m or more.3.3subsurface conditionDescription of material encountered in boreholes and test piles are summarised on the engineering logs contained in appendix A. the surface conditions encountered were broadly consist with the regional geology described in section 3.3. fill was encountered in the boreholes and test piles to depths ranging from about 0.2 m to 0.65m. the depth of fill encountered in the boreholes and test pits in summarised in table 1

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