Part A 10-30-99 In Hebrew history, there are m

Part A 10-30-99 In Hebrew history, there are many instances that show there is only one true God that the Hebrews worship. The worship of only one God is called Monotheism. Judaism is regarded by most to be the founding religion of God. A sign of monotheism is that Jews believed in a single, transcendent God who created the universe and continues to govern it. The same God who created the world revealed himself to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. When Moses went to talk to God on Mount Sinai, God had talked to the Israelites. He had told them that he was the God that had given them freedom from Egypt. God also gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The Israelites were about to enter the Promise land but before they could, the Israelites had to make a covenant with God. The Covenant was that they would only believe in God and no other gods. The Jewish people then would acknowledge God, agreeing to obey his laws; God, in turn, would acknowledge Israel as his particular people. The people had sealed the covenant by making an ark. This ark consisted of cherubs on top of ark with a sitting place between all the cherubs for God. Inside the ark would consist the Ten Commandments. The reason God had given the Israelites the Ten Commandments because the Canaanites had worshiped in false gods and God did not want the Israelites to fall into that trap. This was also to show how strongly the Israelites had believed in God. If you had broken any commandment, God punished you unless you had repented your sin or sins. God forgave people know matter what you did if you had asked for forgiveness from him. People had assumed that this God was the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. The Israelites would go into battle carrying the Ark of the Covenant because they felt it was that God was with them and nothing could be done then to destroy them. One thing about the covenant, no one was allowed…

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