Part A (5 pts.)1) (2.5 pts.) R

Part A (5 pts.)1) (2.5 pts.) Read an article on Family Theory ? Philosophies of Family Science (see Module 3). Open a documenttitled Philosophies Of Family Science (see Module 3) and fill it in.2) (2.5 pts.) On Tuesday we Discuss (check for the help you need)ed how the process of theorizing is actually a part of our everyday life,because we try to make sense of what we see and experience by accumulating data and observing trends. Our personaltheories are informed by our own values and our own worldview that can be traced back to our family of origin orinfluenced by other people who had a significant impact on our lives.Remember the example of ?hard work = success? or ?smart human connections = success?? Now think of your own family oforigin. Briefly describe one ?theory? that you have developed by participating in and observing your everyday familylife. What are the ?assumptions? of these theories, i.e., what are the believes behind it?Part B (4 pts.)3) (2 pts.) List the roles that you currently play in their order of importance. How many are family (familyversus career or other)? Which role is the most integral to your sense of self? And why?4) (2 pts.) What homeostasis of corrective feedback do you engage in when dealing with conflict with your bestfriend or partner? How do they respond to it?Part C (1 pt.).5) List names (first name only) of 2-3 people that you are considering to interview. For FAR assignment you wouldneed to interview just one person. Please mention how you relate to them, and why you want to interview them. Will yoube able to meet in person or via Skype, phone call, etc. What can be the possible date for this meeting? Pleaseremember that the recommended period for conducting an interview is after Module 6/7.

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