penalties and interest charges requested by the IRS

penalties and interest charges requested by the IRSYour task is to email Hilda Black explaining why you are unwilling to pay the penalties andinterest charges requested by the IRS.A Taxing MatterIt?s June now, but during the mid-April rush at tax time, Hilda Black phoned to ask whethershe could roll over funds from one special tax-deferred retirement account into anotherwithout paying taxes on any gain. You answered then that such a rollover was not considereda tax event as long as the transaction was completed in sixty days. You also informed her thatwhen she eventually draws out the funds to supplement her retirement income, she will thenhave to pay taxes on the portion that represents interest earned on the account.Today you received a rather emotional and disorganized email from Ms. Black with scannedattachments of account statements and a letter from the IRS. Her letter explains that the IRSis billing her for $3,309.72 in penalties and back interest because she failed to declare interestincome earned when she cashed in ?those bonds that I told you about last April.? But shedidn?t ask you about cashing in bonds; she asked you about rolling over funds from one taxdeferredaccount into another.You checked the archives for the recorded April conversation you had with Ms. Black and itconfirmed that your recollection of the call was correct. When you checked the statementsshe attached, you learned that she cashed in a large standard, i.e., non tax-deferred, bondmutual fund account, but never declared taxes on the gains. It could be that she thought ofthis bond account as funds she was putting aside for her retirement and thought they were ina tax-deferred account even though they were not. In her mind those bonds she thought shetold you about last April were tax-deferred. But it doesn?t matter what she thought; theincome earned on those bonds is taxable just as any other investment income is.Ms. Black is an older woman, and you have prepared her taxes for the five years since herhusband died, but this year she decided to prepare her taxes herself. When she called, youwere happy to answer her question, but you never saw any of her documents, and she paidyou no fee. She asked an abstract question and you answered it. Ms. Black is a very nice lady,but she is very anxious about her finances, and sometimes gets confused and overwroughtwhen something goes wrong.Ms. Black demands that you pay the penalties or she will sue. Her position is that you misledher, so you should pay the penalties and interest charges, which of course, are getting largerevery day. She is willing to pay the actual tax on the transaction.Your task is to email Hilda Black explaining why you are unwilling to pay the penalties andinterest charges requested by the IRS.HildaBlackGradingRubricCheeseburgerstrategy:areallthepartsthere?Isdevelopmenteffectiveandclear?? Doesbufferthememakesense?? DothereasonsgetHildatoseeitfromwriter?sPOV?? Isbadnewsclear,butgraciousintone?? Isthereagestureintheclosethatmovesrelationshipforward?Aresentenceseffective?? Aretheytoostiffandformal?? Aretheytooweakandpassive?? Aretheytoolong,wordy,andconvoluted?Areusageandmechanicsok?? Typos,misspellings,agreementissues,danglers,punctuation

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