People Hacking: the Art of Social Engineering

People The Art of Social Engineering ABSTRACT Social engineering is one of the most overlooked aspects of information security and yet it is the easiest way for someone usually an employee to gain access to restricted information on a computer Attacks can be either physical or each can be equally effective in acquiring confidential Methods used to get information can be either or with different psychological reasons why each method Protecting against social engineers boils down to policies that guard against their but these policies must also be complemented with an effective security awareness program in order to be INTRODUCTION Imagine a local banking The CIO is out of town on A group of strangers walks in early one and by lunchtime they walk out with access to anything they want on the How did this First of these researched the company and probably knew more about it than most The intruders showed up at the front door and just followed other employees into secured areas of the Each smiled when they searched for their security badge when trying to enter the top floor where the VIPs were a friendly employee smiled back as he let them Since these strangers

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