People of all colors in the streets of New Orl

People of all colors in the streets of New Orleans celebrating a religious holiday of Christianity. Non-Christians, Christians, everyone is there, jumping to the beat of the Jazzy show tunes that are played on the street of St. Charles. The floats pass with the throwing of mouth watering bayou candies from deep in the New Orleans culture. Liquor is passed, and the streets have a distinct smell of vomit, but every Cajun man has a mile wide grin on his face. The dancers work the crowd with the expensive costumes that are made mostly of silk and feathersprancing around as the drum beats behind them. The crowd begins to move up and down, trying to get in the grove of the party. Cabbage is thrown at heads of the audience and are barely dodged with a quick jerk of the neck. The beads are thrown every which way while the crowd rips through the crowd to finish the Mardi Gras collection. People of all ages join in this glorious day of food, drink, family, and friends. …

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