Personal Definitions of Continuing Education and Community Outreach

Topic: Personal Definitions of Continuing Education and Community OutreachAssignment: Personal Definitions of Continuing Education and Community OutreachStudents should devise personal definitions that sum up their ideas of both continuing education and community outreach. These two definitions should be no less than 150 words and no more than 200 words each. Each definition should denote the social responsibility higher education has to larger communities via educational outreach.Special care should be taken in the development of such definitions as they can serve as personal guideposts for the remaining class Discuss (check for the help you need)ions. Granted, there are no perfect definitions; however, students should make sure that their definitions are focused on continuing education and community service as they apply to higher education. These definitions should be carefully worded, specific, and highly academic. No references should be internally cited; however, a reference list of literary influences should be provided. There should be no less than seven references for each definition.Students are welcome to draw upon philosophical, theoretical, conceptual, and experimental ideologies to develop these core definitions so long as all supporting information is properly referenced. These definitions should be single spaced with the student?s name at the top center of the page. The assignment should adhere to the prescribed word count, be formatted via the APA Manual of Style 6th ed., and utilize Times New Roman font (12 Point) with one-inch margin

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