Personality Working with computers is a great

Personality Working with computers is a great pleasure for anyone who ever has really discovered how they work. Maintaining computers can broken into a very broad range of duties or jobs. Two of my favorite, Programming and Network Administration, present me with the greatest interest. Computer programmers and network administrators are given great job opportunities in this technology world. Both require time, patience, high levels of college, and training. Programmers are required to have a bachelors degree in computer science and in mathematics. Programmers must study vigorously to have a strong logical knowledge in order to perform the difficult task of writing complex software. Network administration also requires a bachelors degree; however, the education is different. Network administrator positions require a four-year degree in computer and electrical engineering. Their performance is based on work experience and knowledge in management information system (MIS) for business management. They also both have to tolerate long and odd hours. Programmers sit in front of a monitor extensively, while administrator sometimes have to wake up in the middle of the night to go trouble shoot a network problem. Maintaining communication skills is much more important in the network administration field. Administrators will be required to deal with CEOs and other high sections of the administrative latter. Programmers on the other hand, have to meet deadlines and rarely interact with company administration. They just sit in their little comfortable office typing code 12 hours a day. This should sound appealing to someone who has trouble speaking or associating with people. Although network administrators also have deadlines, they often can work around them because their jobs are year round. Programmers frequently work on a weekly or monthly contract. Programmers job tasks have an unusual setting. They usually onl…

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